Our topic day! 27th February 2013.
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We have had a fantastic day we ,v been painting and coluring and making our own healthy meal and we tasted are healthy meal . When we cooked it was fun. It was a wonderful day.

Written by Tomás and Dianna.

Topic Day.
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Topic Day-photo’s from our fun day. on PhotoPeach

Topic Day-photo’s from our fun day. on PhotoPeach

Lily’s Holiday Diary
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I went to Sudbury hall with Niamh , Mummy and  Grandma. It was very cold.
Sudbury hall was so so  so big. There was a  big  room with a big carpet
all a cross the  room. This room  is called the long gallery. The next
room was a school room and I made a mouse made out of play clay, my sister
made a cake and Grandma made a heghog. My fayvrat bit was making bisgits
and decorating it to. Then we dropt Grandma home and we went home to.

Isabella ‘s Holiday Diary
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During our half term holiday we went to sudbury hall to see a very big
old house,my mummy loves to go and see old houses but I dont.Next we had
a look around the childrens toy museum at sudbury I liked this very much
we saw lots of old dolls and a very big dolls house,I have got a big
barbie dolls house and there was one at the museum.Next we had
coffee,juice and cake in the tea rooms.On the friday we went to paint a
pot with all the mummies and children,I painted a dog and Alex painted a
dragon,we ate cake and then we went to macdonalds for our tea has a
treat.Also in the holidays we brought a fish tank and two fish,I love my
new little fish.
This was my holidays and I had a very god time.

Justice’s Holiday Diary
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I went to the swimming lesson and mum took me. I went to the holiday
club we went to the library i went on the computer  I did some coloring
with my frends.

Saoirse’s Holiday Diary
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On Friday I went to my Auntie Barbara’s house and then we went to the cinema to see Wreck it Ralph. Then we went to McDonalds we went back to my auntie Barbara’s house and we watched TV and we both had a packet of crisp’s. On Saturday it was my auntie Anne’s birthday so we went round to their house and had a Chinese and partied my brother was playing cards with my cousins then we walked home. On Sunday we went to allestrey park and fed the ducks. On Monday I went to my auntie Tracey’s and we went to the cinema again with her two daughters. On Tuesday I went to aunty Anne’s and I played with their 3 dogs Murphy, Snoopy and Ruddy we also went into town. On Wednesday I went to my Nanny’s and we went shopping at the co-op and I bought a magazine. On Thursday I went to aunty Anne’s again and played with the dogs and I took my skateboard. On Friday I went to nanny’s in the morning and mummy had the afternoon off from work and she picked me up. On Saturday we went to aunty Anne’s house because we took my cousin Illona her birthday present. On Sunday we all went to mass and it was my aunty Marie’s birthday and we went for a meal with her family and my family because it is my dad’s birthday on Monday.

Daisy’s Holiday Diary
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In the holidais I played explorers with my sister Lily.The next day I played nurses and a little  later I played runners. At dinner I had rice and potato.The next I went to the cinema with my mum and I Watcht wreck it ralf. A few days more I watcht madegascar 3 with my dad, mum and sister. And that is all I can remember. My favourite part was goin to madagascar 3 because it is funny.

Diana’s Holiday Diary
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During my holidays I attended mass daily. My family celebrated my brother Daniel’s birthday.And we had lots of fun.
we went to showcase cinema to watch Life of Pi.And me and my brother had some popcorn and drinks.I went for a walk with my brother and with my dad and with some of my friends.And we had a nice time.We went to Nottingham by a train we attended a mass.I enjoyed travelling in the train.

We went to Westfield and helped my Mom for shopping.

Tomás’ Holiday Diary
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Today I tidied the playroom with Mummy and Iósaif. I went to McDonalds and I went to MarkatonPark.  Then I had a sleep with Mummy.  When I woke up, I played outside in the garden and I saw Dillon and Jack.  After playing I eat my dinner, wrote this diary and went to bed. My favourite thing today was mopping the floors.


Today, I went swimming. When I returned, I went to the Quad to see a film.   When I returned, I played football. In the afternoon I  went to Delia and Iris‘s party which was fun because my friends was were there. I played lots of games . When I came  back I ate my dinner . I played outside with my football.When I  came back I got ready for bed. My favourite thing was today going to the Quad.


I  went to church afterwde I went to rugby wee won. Derby v Nunealon I came back I  hade dinner.


I went to St josephs school all day and played games. I play dojball and I enjoyed it.


I went to |St josephs school  all day again. I got a stift. Afterwards, I went to Edward house .And played games. When I  got  home, granddad Came to clet my to tayck my to Derby County v Boulton Wanderers and Derby was at home, the score was 1- 1 . Number 10 scored.


On Wednesday, Edward came to  our house and played games. We planted some plants each at the church. We made cookies. My favourite  thing was planting  some plants.


Today  I played football at dw sports centre.


In the morning , I played football again. In the afternoon I travelled to Liverpool to see my little brother in hospital.


I travelled back homes


I went to mass and then I went to rugby  and we were against  AmberValley.


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Hi everyone.  I hope you’re having a good first day off.  I’m excited to take over the blog so have set a new 50 word challenge! Have a go and I will be checking your comments!